ACRC Mission Statement:

Reduce energy consumption, pollution, and the Heat Island Effect by educating the building owners, roof designers and the power companies about the use of cool roofing products and cool roofing systems.



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Energy Star Roofing Products

Cool Rood Rating Council (CRRC)

California Energy Commission "Cool Links"

Cool Roof Video

Cool Roof Incentive Program Application



Go White to Go Green

Guidelines for Cool Roof Program

Comparative Summer Attic Thermal Performance of Six Roof Constructions

Cool Coatings Heat Up Savings

Cool Roofs Hot Topics

Cool Systems for Hot Cities

Cool Savings from Reflective Roofing Lab Results

Cool Savings Light Colored Roof Retail Center

Cool Savings of Light Colored Roof Surfacing

Laboratory Testing of the Reflective Roofing Material

Measured Cooling Energy Savings from Reflective Roofing Systems

Reflective Roofing Tests

Roofing as an Energy Asset

Sitting on Savings

BASF Cool News

Building Envelope Roof Coating, Codes, and Standards

California Cool Roof Application

California Cool Roof Program

Chandler School Coating Energy Savings Calculator

Chandler School Coating Savings Calculator

Cool Coatings Heat Up Savings

Cool Roof Final Application

Cool Roofing Materials Database

Cooling an Asphalt Jungle

Cooling Off Our Urban Heat Islands

Energy Star Roof Product List

Energy Star Roof Requirements

Facts About Cool Roofs

Igloo Distribution Center

Introduction to Material Reflectivity Performance

Jefferson Houston Testimonial

Mercury Rising? Cool Roofs Help Beat The Heat

Metal Roofing Energy Study

Metal Roofing Reflectivity Performance

Our Saviors Elementary School Testimonial

Phoenix Acting to Cool Urban Heat Island

Shingle Reflectivity Performance

Single Ply Membrane Reflectivity Characteristics

Soy Bean Cool Roof by Johns Manville

Ballasted System - Energy Efficient

Cooler Cities

To Go Green, Roofs Should Go Green

White roofs are a cool way to cut energy costs

Why Good Weather is Bad for Roofs

White Roofs to Fight Global Warming


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