ACRC Mission Statement:

Reduce energy consumption, pollution, and the Heat Island Effect by educating the building owners, roof designers and the power companies about the use of cool roofing products and cool roofing systems.



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What can the ACRC do for Building Owners and Occupants?

  • Consume  Less  Energy  and  Save Money when cooling their buildings!
  • Avoid  the  Usual  Over-Sizing  of  A/C  Equipment  to achieve personal comfort!
  • Expect  the  Longest   “Life Cycle”   Possible  from their roofing systems!
What can the ACRC do for Utility Companies and Power Providers?
  • Realize Easier Planning and Management for peak demand of energy consumption!
  • Lower Consumer Energy Costs because of less consumer energy demand!
  • Efficiently Supply Energy for More Personal Comfort!
What can the ACRC do for OUR Earth and OUR Environment?
  • Enjoy Better Air Quality through fewer CO2 and NOX emissions! Less SMOG!
  • Decrease the “Urban Heat Island” Effects on OUR cities!
  • Reduce the Amount of Roofing Scrap that already burdens landfill space!
What happens without the ACRC?
  • More and More SMOG in the Air!
  • Higher and Higher Energy Costs to Pay!
  • Less and Less Accurate Planning by Utilities!
  • More and More “Urban Heat Islands” on the Planet!
  • Higher and Higher High-Temperatures in OUR Cities!
  • Less and Less Personal Comfort for People!
  • More and More Failed Roofing Systems Deposited into Landfills!